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GFC Day 1 Recap- Georgia Edition

By Georgia Grappler, 10/03/20, 1:45PM AKDT


Quick look at how the Georgia kids did on Day 1

GFC Day 1 Recap- up to the quarters

98 lbs
Georgia's only entrant at this weight, John Nelson from Valdosta, fell in the round of 16.

105 lbs
Both Georgia entrants lost in the round of 32, Chaz McDonald of Jefferson did not participate in the event.   

112 lbs
Nick Corday (TN) and Cole Hunt have both made it to the quarters.  Corday knocked of Josh Noble of Mt. Pisgah in the round of 16, and will face the 10 seed, Orion WIlson in the quarters.  Wilson defeated Darrell Roschester of Valdosta in the round of 16.  Hunt will face 3rd seeded,  Vince Bouzakis of PA in the Quarters.  Dom DiTomasso of Lowndes fell to #1 seed Caden Horwath in the round of 16.

119 lbs
Late entry Riley Dahlgren of Camden Co knocked off Kaleb Davis in the second round and advanced to the Round of 16.  There he fell to #5 seed Sean Logue of PA.

125 lbs
Georgia was well represented in this bracket, however no one advanced to the round of 16 in the Championship bracket.   There are still 4 alive in the consolation rounds.

130 lbs
Only 3 GA wrestlers ended up entering at this weight, and all 3 lost their first match.  Colton Bishop of Woodland, Cart. is still alive in the consolation rounds.

135 lbs
Eli Knight and David Panone both got knocked off in the round of 16.  Knight defeated Connor Powell of Hillgrove in the first round.  

140 lbs
#1 Seed Caden McCrary has advanced to the quarterfinals, where he will take on Virginia State Champion Patrick Jordan.  

145 lbs
#3 Seed Michael Kilic of Woodward, has advanced to the quarters after knocking off Florida State runner-up Christian Moder.  

152 lbs
#1 Seed RJ Weston of Lassiter advanced to the quarters with a Tech, a pin, and a MD, he will face Trenton Watcher of Michigan.  Kamdyn Munro of Richmond Hill has advanced to the quarters, where he will face 2x Florida State Finalist Darian Estevez. 

160 lbs
Gunner Filipowicz knocked of the #3 seed Aaron Lofton of Texas in the round of 16.  Lofton was a Texas State Champ and finished 3rd at NHSCA nationals.  Filipowicz will face Johnathan Ley, a 3x State runner-up from Florida in the quarters.  Cole Cochran of Woodland lost a close 5-4 decision to the #2 seeded Joshua Barr, a Fargo AA from Michigan.

171 lbs
Unfortunately, neither Arnold nor Singleton entered the event, however, Dalton Battle of North Hall advanced to the quarters with a 2-1 win over Florida State runner-up, Cody RIce.  He will face #1 seed, Manuel Rojas of Michigan in the quarters.  Greyson Clark and David Bertrand both lost in the round of 16.

189 lbs
#2 seeded Jaxon Smith advanced to the quarters with a win over Gervacio Gonzalez of TN.  Hunter Adams was defeated by Hudson Hightower of Ohio in the round of 16.  

215 lbs
#1 Seed Noah Pettigrew advanced to the quarters with a pin over Zachary Delsanter of Ohio.  

285 lbs
Jesus Raino of Coffee Co will face Francisco Valle of Lassiter in the quarters. 

GFC Day 1 Recap- Championship Quarterfinals

112- Cole Hunt vs Vince Bouzakis (PA):
Hunt gives up a takedown with :38 left in the first, but quickly escapes and we will go to the 2nd period with Hunt trailing 2-1.  Bouzakis takes neutral in the 2nd and Hunt is able to get a takedown to go up 3-2.  Hunt was able to finish the period on top, spending his time cranking a nasty half.  We head to the 3rd with Hunt leading 3-2.  Hunt gets a quick escape to go up 4-2, but then gives up quick takedown.  The two wrestlers trade reversals, and then Hunt gets the escape with :30 left and then holds on for the 7-6 upset win over the #3 Seed.

112- Nick Corday vs Orion WIlson (MI):
Corday with a takedown in the first minute of the match , plus 3 NF and he leads 5-0 after 1.  Corday takes bottom in the 2nd and gets a reversal to go up 7-0, and will take that lead into the 3rd.  Wilson picks neutral for the 3rd period, and Corday gets a takedown to go up 9-0.   Corday wins by MD 11-2

140- Caden McCrary vs Patrick Jordan (VA):
McCrary gets a quick takedown and he is up 2-0, he then spent the next minute riding tough with a leg in before they go out of bounds.  McCrary cuts him, but cant get another score before the end of the period, and its 2-1.  McCrary goes down in the 2nd and gets a quick escape to go up 3-1.  Jordan gets hit for unsportsmanlike and its 4-1.  McCrary then gets a double leg for a takedown with :12 left and he will lead 6-1 going to the 3rd.  McCrary gets another takedown :20 into the 3rd period and he leads 8-1 .  Late Escape for Jordan makes 8-2, and McCrary will advance to the semis.

145- Michael Kilic vs Kodiak Cannedy (TN):
No points scored in the 1st, and Cannedy will take down in the 2nd.  Cannedy gets an escape :44 into the period to go up 1-0.  Kilic is able to get an outside single for a takedown, and he leads with :30 to go in the 2nd period.  We will go to the 3rd period with Kilic leading 2-1, and he will take bottom.  Kilic gets an escape and a takedown, :10 into the 3rd and he leads 5-1 with riding time locked.  Late escape, and Kilic will advance to the semis 6-2.

152- RJ Watson vs Trenton Wachter (MI):
Weston ends the 1st period up 4-1, and he takes bottom in the 2nd.  Weston gets a reversal and he will head to the 3rd period up 6-1.  Weston scores 2 takedowns in the 3rd and will advance to the Semis.

152- Kamdyn Munro vs Darian Estevez (FL):
No score in the 1st, Estevez will start the 2nd on bottom.  Quick escape by Estevez, and Munro gets a Takedon with 1:17 to go in the 2nd.  Estevez gets away quickly and we are tied at 2.  Munro gets another takedown with :30 to go, and he leads 4-2.  Munro will go bottom in the 3rd and gets away, but gives up a quick takedown, Munro leads 5-4.  Estevez cuts him on the restart and Munro leads 6-4 with 1:20 to go.  Munro gets a takedwon with :40 to go, and then steps into a turk and picks up 3 back points.  Munro will advance to the semis with a 12-4 major decision.

160- Gunner Filipowicz vs Johnathan Ley (FL):
Ley gets a takedown, and Filipowicz was able to pick up the escape with about :10 to go in the first.  Ley leads 2-1 going to the 2nd.  Filipowicz takes down, and gets away, and we are tied at 2.  Ley goes for a lateral, but Filipowicz gets his hips up and puts Ley on his back to pick up the takedown and 2 NF.  Filipowicz leads 6-2.  Ley gets an escape and its 6-3 going to the 3rd period.  Ley gets a reversal and quickly cuts Filipowicz and its 7-5 with 1:34 to go.  Filipowicz scores a takedown in a scramble and he leads 9-5 with :30 to go.  He rides him out for a 10-5 win and will advance to the semis.

171- Dalton Battle vs Manuel Rojas (MI):
Battle trails the #1 seed 11-3 going into the 3rd period.   Battle falls 19-7.

189- Jaxon Smith vs Stephen Little (KY):
SMith scores a takedown to go up 2-0 with less than a minute to go in the 1st period.  Little gets the escape and its 2-1 with :22 remaining in the period.  It will stay 2-1 going to the 2nd, where Little will begin on bottom.  Quick escape and we are tied at 2.  Little scores a takedown to go up 4-2 with 1:29 to go in the 2nd period.   Smith has Injury Defaulted the Match.

215- Noah Pettigrew vs Sakarri Morrison (NC):
Pettigrew is up 4-2 in the 2nd period.  9-5 lead for Pettigrew with very little time left in the 3rd period.  Late takedown, and Pettigrew will advance to the semis with an 11-5 win.

285- Francisco Valle vs Jesus Riano:
No score in the 1st period between these two Georgia heavyweights.  Riano will take bottom to start the 2nd period.  Riano is out in :26 and we will go to the 3rd with Riano up 1-0.  Valle takes bottom in the 3rd, and Riano immediately flattens him out.  Valle gets an escape and we are tied 1-1 with no riding time advantage.  Overtime.  Valle attempts a shot, but Riano sprawls and is able to circle around behind for the 3-1 win, and will advance to the semis.

GFC Day 1 Recap- Consolation Bloodround

130- Colton Bishop vs Eligh RIvera (FL): Rivera dec. 9-6

135- David Panone vs Isaac Church (FL): Panone dec 6-0

160- Cole Cochran vs Jesse Alvarado (VA): Cochran WBF

171- Dalton Battle vs Avery Dickerson (MI): Dickerson WBF

171- David Bertrand vs Leonardo Galasso (MI): Galasso dec 3-2

189- Jaxon Smith vs Mikey Tal-Shahar (FL): Tal-Shahar WDef

215- Kaleb Walley vs Carson Floyd (NC): Floyd dec 4-2

285- Anthony Yancey vs Zachary Vance (NC): Yancey dec 8-1

285-  Francisco Valle vs Aiden Fockler (Ohio): Fockler dec 5-0


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