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Where we Stand.....

By Georgia Grappler, 11/15/20, 5:30PM AKST


With all the craziness going on, here is some clarity about HS Wrestling

This Crazy Season

With official matches set to begin as early as November 23rd, I thought this would be a great time to put out some information about what to expect during this wrestling season.  Everything is going to look a lot different than what we are used to seeing, tournaments will be smaller, the State Duals has a completely different format, Traditional State will not be combined, and no one knows how the Girl's tournament is going to be run. 

Lets start with regular season tournaments, in a nut shell, they are all going to be small.  Each county in the state has different policies in place regarding hosting and competing in events.  Most tournaments will abide by a simple formula of 2 teams for each mat being used, however some counties are limiting the total number of teams to 8, regardless of how many mats are used.  Also, a lot of counties have put an end to any out of state travel, and some have hinted at canceling or postponing the season until January 1st. 

Even before all the changes that were brought on by the pandemic, the State Duals tournament was going to receive a face lift.  There is now an extra step between the Region Duals tournament and the State Duals Championship, we will now refer to that extra step as the State Duals Quad.  The way that it is supposed to work, is that each Region champion will host 3 other teams, in a 4 team single elimination bracket.  Click Here for that predetermined bracket. The winner of that mini bracket will advance to the next weekends State Finals, which will be an 8 team double elimination tournament.  Originally, all 7 classes were to have their State Duals Finals in Macon, however they will now be at 7 different High Schools on January 30th (Click Here for a list of those host sites). 

At one point during the spring and summer, classes 1A-3A were all jumbled up together into 2 classes, with the 1A and 2A private schools separated into their own classification for the Traditional State tournament.  Well that plan has been scraped, and now 1A-3A will have their own classifications (Click Here to see those Area assignments).  We still don't know where the Traditional State Tournaments will be held, but they will take place on February 11th-13th.  Another little nugget about the Traditional tournament, is that the Sectional tournament has been eliminated.  Wrestlers will go straight from the Region/Area tournament to the State Tournament.  However, instead of the top 4 wrestlers advancing, it is now the top 3 wrestlers from each Region/Area that will advance.  This will create a 24 man bracket for all 7 classes, and will also have an impact on the Team Scores, provided that we still have them.  

When the Traditional State tournaments were all held in one location, it made it possible to conduct the All-Class Girl's State tournament.  With the possibility of the  Traditional tournament now being at several different locations, this presents a problem for the Girl's tournament.  Seeing as how most programs have the same coaches for both their Boys team and Girls team, if the Girls tournament is held the same weekend as the Boys tournament, many coaches will be left in quite a bind.  Once everything is determined on how the State Traditional tournament is going to look we will be sure to post that information here, or you can find it on the GHSA website.

What does all of that mean for us here at Georgia Grappler?  We will start unveiling our preseason rankings on Monday (11/16), and we hope to have all 7 classes posted before the first tournaments begin.  We will update rankings every week, but we will split them up, with 3 classes one week and then 4 classes the next week.  So each classification should get updated every two weeks.  We also plan to preview one or two tournaments each week, to let the fans know about potential matchups they could see.  Please encourage your coaches and host sites to post results somewhere, so that we can accurately update the rankings.  

Feel free to send any results, comments, or encouraging words to our email at