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2A Area Duals and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 01/11/21, 7:00PM AKST


Area/Region Duals are this Week!!!!

New format for the State Duals this season.  In the predictions that you see below, please understand that they are based on limited information that I  have been able to find this season, along with  individual results posted by these wrestlers last season.  Please to not feel slighted if you feel like they are way off, I encourage you to go out there and prove these predictions wrong.  The whole purpose of this preview is to generate interest in the upcoming events. 

Class 2A Area 1

Teams: Bacon Co, Berrien, Cook Co, Dodge Co, Fitzgerald, Jeff Davis

Hosted by Jeff Davis

Bacon Co only has 3 wrestlers that have weighed in this season, so that leaves 5 teams for 4 spots,  Based on weigh ins so far this season, it looks like each team will have 2 to 3 forfeits in their lineup.  Dodge Co and Jeff Davis both qualified last season, and both teams, along with Fitzgerald, have 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10.  

Berrien and Dodge have split duals this season, both matches were full of forfeits.  Jeff Davis has solid wrestlers in spots, but they have also had quite a few holes in their lineup all season.  Cook Co may actually have the most full lineup, but they only have 1 wrestler ranked in the top 10.  Ultimately this Area will be tough to predict until after weigh ins are over and we can see who actually has the most pieces of their roster out.  

Would like to see Melton (Fitzgerald) and Huttoe (Dodge Co) meet up this weekend.

1. Fitzgerald
2. Dodge Co
3. Berrien 
4. Jeff Davis
5. Cook Co

Class 2A Area 2

Teams: East Laurens, Swainsboro, Toombs Co, Vidalia, Washington Co

Hosted by Vidalia

All 5 teams will have mostly full lineups, with Vidalia and Toombs being either complete or very close.  Toombs Co was able to finish 4th at last year's State Duals.  Swainsboro, East Laurens, and Washington Co will each have 2 or 3 forfeits in their lineup.

Vidalia comes in loaded with 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 5, all of them in the back half of their lineup.  They will be led by a pair of top ranked individuals in Godbee at 195 and Burns at 285.  Toombs also has 4 ranked wrestlers in the back half of their lineup, but the matchups appear to favor Vidalia.  East Laurens will bring 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10, and their ranked wrestlers are spread throughout, which can make it tough on coaches to get the matchups they desire.  

I really want to see Tillman (Swainsboro) and Edge (East Laurens) match up this weekend as well as Campbell (Vidalia) and Morris (Toombs).

1. Vidalia
2. Toombs Co
3. Swainsboro
4. East Laurens
5. Washington Co

Class 2A Area 3

Teams: Jasper Co, Lamar Co, Northeast, Putnam, Southwest

Hosted by Lamar Co

Northeast will have around 5 forfeits in their lineup, but everyone else is mostly whole.  Lamar Co is the only team in the Area that qualified for the State Duals last season, and they enter the weekend as the heavy favorite, with 10 ranked wrestlers.  

Of the remaining teams, Jasper Co will be the closest to full, but Putnam Co isn't far behind.  Those two teams will probably be battling it out to see who will face Lamar Co in the Finals.  Southwest doesn't have any ranked wrestlers, but they will only have 1 or 2 forfeits, so they could give Putnam and Jasper a little bit of a run.

Would like to see Gilroy (Lamar) toe the line against Light (Jasper). 

1. Lamar Co
2. Jasper Co
3. Putnam Co
4. Southwest
5. Northeast

Class 2A Area 4

Teams: Bremen, Callaway, Haralson Co, Heard Co, Temple

Hosted by Bremen

Both Bremen and Temple should be able to bring a full lineup to the tournament.  Bremen will have 6 wrestlers ranked in the top 10, led by top ranked Sauls at 120.  Haralson Co doesn't have a 106, but could fill out the rest of their lineup and that should put them in the finals against Bremen.  Callaway and Heard Co will each have 4 or more forfeits, so they should battle it out with each other for that final spot in the State tournament. 

Would like to see Morris (Bremen) against Gilbert (Callaway)

1. Bremen
2. Haralson Co
3. Temple
4. Callaway
5. Heard Co

Class 2A State Quad Predictions Area 1-4

Area 1 Champion Quad: @ Fitzgerald
1-1 Fitzgerald vs 4-4 Callaway
2-3 Swainsboro vs 3-2 Jasper Co

Area 2 Champion Quad: @ Vidalia
2-1 Vidalia vs 3-4 Southwest
1-3 Berrien vs 4-2 Haralson Co

Area 3 Champion Quad: @ Lamar Co
3-1 Lamar Co vs 2-4 East Laurens
4-3 Temple vs 1-2 Dodge Co

Area 4 Champion Quad: @ Bremen
4-1 Bremen vs 1-4 Jeff Davis
3-3 Putnam Co vs 2-2 Toombs Co

Class 2A Area 5

Teams: Butler, Elbert Co, Glenn Hills, Josey, Laney, Oglethorpe Co, Westside Augusta

Hosted by Oglethorpe Co

Butler, Josey, and Laney have yet to assess any wrestlers, and Westside will only be able to cover 9 or 10 weights.  So that leaves Elbert, Glenn Hills, and Oglethorpe Co battling it out for the top 3 spots, with each team having a full lineup.

Oglethorpe is the heavy favorite here, and they should be in contention for a State Title in a couple of weeks.  Elbert also has the potential to make a lot of noise, as they present a lot of serious matchup problems in the lower weights for most teams in 2A.  Glenn Hills has a full lineup, and they bring 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10, they are just in a very top heavy Area.

There is potential for several matchups between highly ranked wrestlers in an Elbert vs Oglethorpe Dual, but the match I am most looking forward to is Tuck (Oglethorpe) and Rucker (Elbert).

1. Oglethorpe Co
2. Elbert Co
3. Glenn Hills
4. Westside

Class 2A Area 6

Teams: Columbia, Lovett, McNair, Pace Academy, South Atlanta, Therrell, Washington

Hosted by Lovett

I don't think the GHSA had this in mind when they changed up the format for the State Duals.  At this moment in time, Columbia, McNair, S. Atlanta, and Therrell have not yet assessed any wrestlers.  Pace Academy will likely have 4 or more forfeits, and Washington will only fill 7 or 8 weight classes.  That leaves Lovett as the Champion almost by default, Lovett does have a very good team, and they are good enough to make a deep run at the State Championships, but they will absolutely cruise through the Area Tournament. 

1. Lovett
2. Pace Academy
3. Washington

Class 2A Area 7

Teams: Chattooga, Coosa, Dade Co, Gordon Central, Model, Pepperell

Hosted by Chattooga

Barring anything crazy, Coosa, Dade, Model, and Pepperell will be mostly full.  Gordon Central will probably have around 4 forfeits, but Chattooga may be the most intriguing team in the Area.  The defending Class 2A Champs haven't been very active so far this season, and their roster  numbers are very low.  Will they be able to put everything together in time for this weekend, or will they be on the outside looking in.  They are very talented in the weight classes that they can fill, but they have got to fins some bodies in the middle weights if they want to make top 4.  

This Area definitely has high end talent dispersed throughout all the teams, as 5 of the 6 teams have someone ranked in the top 2.  However Dade Co leads the way with 3 wrestlers ranked either 1 or 2, along with another wrestler sitting at #3.  Model has put together a very tough lineup, with talent spread throughout making it tough for coaches to get good matchups against them.  Pepperell is very good in the upper weights and they are also very scrappy down low.  

Would love to see a Sorelle (Dade) vs Veatch (Chattooga) match this weekend.

1. Dade Co
2. Model
3. Pepperell
4. Chattooga
5. Coosa

Class 2A Area 8

Teams: Banks Co, Fannin Co, Rabun Co, Union Co

Hosted by Fannin Co

4 Teams, 4 spots in the State Playoffs.  Banks and Fannin will be full, and should meet in the finals.  Union Co is close to full, and should be solidly in 3rd.  Rabun Co can fill 7 or 8 weights and the should qualify in 4th.

The Banks vs Fannin finals should be great, both teams will bring 5 wrestlers ranked in the top 10 and both teams have a wrestler ranked #1 in their weight.  Two matches that will go a long way in deciding the out come of this dual will be #2 Voyles (Banks) vs #5 Summers (Fannin) and #1 Walley (Banks) vs #3 Davenport (Fannin),  I see this dual as a 7/7 split, so whichever coach is able to manipulate the lineup the best to get the most favorable matchups, should come out on top.

1. Fannin Co
2. Banks Co
3. Union Co
4. Rabun Co.

Class 2A State Quad Predictions Area 5-8

Area 5 Champion Quad: @ Oglethorpe
5-1 Oglethorpe vs 8-4 Rabun Co
6-3 Washington vs 7-2 Model

Area 6 Champion Quad: @ Lovett
6-1 Lovett vs 7-4 Chattooga
5-3 Glenn Hills vs 8-2 Banks Co

Area 7 Champion Quad: @ Dade Co
7-1 Dade Co vs 6-4 NONE
8-3 Union Co vs 5-2 Elbert Co

Area 8 Champion Quad
8-1 Fannin Co vs 5-4 Westside, Augusta
7-3 Pepperell vs 6-2 Pace Academy

Class 2A Final 8

1-1 Fitzgerald
2-1 Vidalia
3-1 Lamar Co
4-1 Bremen
5-1 Oglethorpe
6-1 Lovett
5-2 Elbert Co
8-1 Fannin Co

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