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3A Area Duals Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 01/13/21, 9:00AM AKST


Area/Region Duals are this Week!!!

New format for the State Duals this season.  In the predictions that you see below, please understand that they are based on limited information that I  have been able to find this season, along with  individual results posted by these wrestlers last season.  Please to not feel slighted if you feel like they are way off, I encourage you to go out there and prove these predictions wrong.  The whole purpose of this preview is to generate interest in the upcoming events.

Class 3A Area 1

Teams: Appling Co, Beach, Brantley Co, Groves, Johnson Savannah, Pierce Co, Savannah, Savannah Arts, Windsor Forest

Hosted by Pierce Co

Four schools have not yet assessed any wrestlers, Beach, Groves, Johnson, and Savannah Arts.  Savannah only has 3 wrestlers that have weighed in, and Windsor Forest has only weighed in 4.  Pierce Co and Brantley Co look to have full lineups, and Appling Co can fill around 9 or 10 weight classes.

This is obviously going to be a battle between Pierce Co and Brantley Co for the Area Championship.  Both schools have a couple of wrestlers ranked in the top 10, and both schools should have a full lineup, or close to it, and both schools qualified for the State Duals last season.  These two wrestled in December, but I have not seen the results, but I suspect the lineups will be much different this time around anyway.

1. Pierce Co
2. Brantley Co
3. Appling Co

Class 3A Area 2

Teams: Americus-Sumter, Central Macon, Crisp Co, Jackson, Mary Persons, Pike Co, Sandy Creek, Upson Lee

Hosted by Upson Lee

Central has not assessed any wrestlers, Sandy Creek only has 5 that have weighed in, and Americus can only fill 9 weight classes.  Jackson, Mary Persons, and Crisp will all have a handful of forfeits.  Both Upson Lee and Pike should be either full or close to it.

Pike enters the Area Tournament as the heavy favorite with 6 wrestlers ranked inside the top 10.  Mary Persons and Upson Lee should have an interesting matchup to decide who Pike will see in the Finals.  That matchup could ultimately be decided by which team has more of the pieces available on Saturday.

1. Pike Co
2. Mary Persons
3. Upson Lee
4. Jackson
5. Crisp Co

Class 3A Area 3

Teams: Burke Co, Cross Creek, Harlem, Hephzibah, Morgan Co, Richmond Academy, Salem

Hosted by Harlem

Harlem and Morgan Co should be the two teams battling it out for Area supremacy, as both of those schools should have full(ish) lineups.  Burke Co will be the only other school that will have more than 10 weights filled, as Cross Creek, Hephzibah, Richmond Academy, and Salem will all be at around half of a lineup.

Harlem has 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10 with a few more just outside the top 10.  Morgan Co has 3 wrestler ranked in the top 10, but it doesn't look like they will have as much flexibility with their lineup as Harlem will have.  

Will be interested to see a Grimsley (Morgan) vs Rhodes (Harlem) match.

1. Harlem
2. Morgan Co
3. Burke Co
4. Richmond Academy
5. Cross Creek

Class 3A Area 4

Teams: Adairsville, Carver Atlanta, Cedar Grove, Greater Atlanta Christian, Redan, Rockmart, Westminster

Hosted by Adairsville

Carver and Redan have not assessed any wrestlers as of yet, and Cedar Grove only has 5 that have weighed in.  Westminster looks to have 3 or 4 forfeits, but they will qualify no worse the 4th. 

GAC has shown a tremendous amount of improvement over the past couple of years and they will be bringing 3 or 4 top 10 wrestlers into Area Duals.  Adairsville is always tough, and they have quite possibly the largest roster in the entire state.  Rockmart has a great lineup and are in contention to win the State Title.

Looking forward to a potential matchup between Cornett (Adairsville) and Millhollan (Rockmart)

1. Rockmart
2. Adairsville
3. GAC
4. Westminster
5. Cedar Grove

Class 3A State Quad Predictions Area 1-4

Area 1 Champion Quad: @ Pierce Co
1-1 Pierce Co vs 4-4 Cedar Grove
2-3 Upson Lee vs 3-2 Morgan Co

Area 2 Champion Quad: @ Pike Co
2-1 Pike Co vs 3-4 Richmond Academy
1-3 Appling Co vs 4-2 Adairsville

Area 3 Champion Quad: @ Harlem
3-1 Harlem vs 2-4 Jackson
4-3 Greater Atlanta Christian vs 1-2 Brantley Co

Area 4 Champion Quad: @ Rockmart
4-1 Rockmart vs 1-4 NONE
3-3 Burke Co vs 2-2 Mary Persons

Class 3A Area 5

Teams: Dawson Co, Gilmer, Murray Co, North Murray

Hosted by North Murray

4 teams for 4 spots, luckily all four teams look to have mostly full lineups.

Gilmer is obviously the favorite in this Area, and they are one of the teams in contention for the State Duals Title in a couple of weeks.  Dawson has 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10, and they should have a full lineup.  Both of the Murray County schools will have a forfeit or two in their lineup, and they both have at least one wrestler ranked in the top 10.

1. Gilmer
2. Dawson Co
3. North Murray
4. Murray Co

Class 3A Area 6

Teams: Coahulla Creek, LaFayette, Lakeview Ft. Oglethorpe, Ringgold, Sonoraville

Hosted by LaFayette

LFO has a lot of holes in their lineup, so that leaves 4, full, and very talented teams, to battle it out for the 4 spots in this Area.  

Sonoraville finished 2nd at State Duals last season and they are bringing back another lineup that will be in contention for the title again.  Ringgold is having a bit of a resurgence, and while they aren't quite at the level of the mid 2000s, they are tougher than they have been in recent years.  LaFayette will have a few forfeits, but they have some legit high level wresters at several weight classes.  

Would like to see a match up between Ledford (LaFayette) and O' Neal (Sonarville).

1. Sonoraville
2. Ringgold
3. Lafayette
4. Coahulla Creek
5. LFO

Class 3A Area 7

Teams: Cherokee Bluff, Lumpkin Co, North Hall, West Hall, White Co

Hosted by Cherokee Bluff

Outside of North Hall, this Area is very competitive with each other, and with 4 teams battling it out for those final 3 spots, we should see some great duals.  All 5 teams bring multiple ranked wrestlers to the table, and all 5 teams are near to full or full. 

Defending State Dual Champions, North Hall is back and once again loaded.  The Trojans have 5 wrestlers ranked #1 and two more ranked 2nd.  Lumpkin Co looks to be the team best situated to meet North Hall in the finals, as they bring with them 6 wrestlers ranked in the top 10.  The results between Cherokee Bluff, West Hall, and White Co should be close, and I expect matchups and line up maneuvers will play a huge role in determining which two teams fill out the bracket from this Area.

1. North Hall
2. Lumpkin Co
3. Cherokee Bluff
4. White Co
5. West Hall

Class 3A Area 8

Teams: East Jackson, Franklin Co, Hart Co, Monroe Area, Oconee Co, Stephens Co.

Hosted by Oconee Co

There isn't a more balanced Area in all of Class 3A, than this Area.  All 6 teams will be able to field an almost full, competitive lineup.  Five of the six teams will feature multiple wrestlers ranked in the top 10, with the exception being Monroe Area.  With that being said that makes this Area the most vulnerable to any kind of last second quarantine related snafu's that would be able to completely upset the applecart.   Oconee and Stephens Co bring the most ranked wrestlers into the weekend, and the dual between these two teams could be very entertaining with some big matchups between ranked wrestlers ultimately deciding the final outcome.  

1. Oconee Co
2. Stephens Co
3. East Jackson
4. Hart Co
5. Franklin Co

Class 3A State Quad Predictions Area 5-8

Area 5 Champion Quad: @ Gilmer
5-1 Gilmer vs 8-4 Hart Co
6-3 Lafayette vs 7-2 Lumpkin Co

Area 6 Champion Quad: @ Sonoraville
6-1 Sonoraville vs 7-4 White Co
5-3 Murray Co vs 8-2 Stephens Co

Area 7 Champion Quad: @ North Hall
7-1 North Hall vs 6-4 Coahulla Creek
8-3 East Jackson vs 5-2 Dawson Co

Area 8 Champion Quad: @ Oconee Co
8-1 Oconee Co vs 5-4 North Murray
7-3 Cherokee Bluff vs 6-2 Ringgold

Class 3A Final 8

3-2 Morgan Co
2-1 Pike Co
3-1 Harlem
4-1 Rockmart
5-1 Gilmer
6-1 Sonoraville
7-1 North Hall
8-1 Oconee Co

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