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5A Region Duals Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 01/14/21, 6:45PM AKST


Area/Region Duals are this Week!!!

New format for the State Duals this season.  In the predictions that you see below, please understand that they are based on limited information that I  have been able to find this season, along with  individual results posted by these wrestlers last season.  Please to not feel slighted if you feel like they are way off, I encourage you to go out there and prove these predictions wrong.  The whole purpose of this preview is to generate interest in the upcoming events.

Class 5A Region 1

Teams: Coffee, Veterans, Ware Co, Warner Robins, Wayne Co

Hosted by Ware Co

Warner Robins is the only team here that has numerous forfeits in their lineup, and that will make it tough for them to crack into the top 4.  Cofffee, Veterans, and Ware are all so close to one another, that 1 well timed upset could swing the entire dual meet.  While Ware Co has the most ranked wrestlers coming into the tournament, Coffee and Veterans both have guys that are lurking just outside the top 10.

Ware brings 6 guys ranked in the top 10, with two of them sitting at #5.  If they can come into the weekend with a full lineup they should have a great opportunity to win a very close match with either Coffee or Veterans.  This region, like so many others in the state this weekend, could be turned upside down if a team gets hit with quarantine protocols.  Really looking forward to seeing how some of these new starters for Veterans fare against an established team like Ware Co.

1. Ware Co
2. Veterans
3. Coffee Co
4. Wayne Co
5. Warner Robins

Class 5A Region 2

Teams: Griffin, Harris Co, McIntosh, Northgate, Northside Columbus, Starrs Mill, Whitewater

Hosted by Whitewater

Griffin and Northside look to be the two teams that will be hurt most by forfeits in their lineup, leaving 5 teams pushing for the 4 playoff spots.  Harris Co is loaded, and if it weren't for the two juggernauts in Region 7, we'd be talking about their chances at a potential State Championship.  After Harris Co, Whitewater looks to be the most solid team, in a very balanced region.  

Starrs Mill has a ton of history, and a very solid lineup through the middle, if they can get some production out of their bookends, they may be able to sneak into the finals.  I see a very tough battle between Northgate and McIntosh for the final spot, and whichever team comes in the most full will probably walk away with a chance to wrestle next weekend.

1. Harris Co
2. Whitewater
3. Starrs Mill
4. Northgate
5. McIntosh

Class 5A Region 3

Teams: Banneker, Creekside, Drew, Forest Park, Jonesboro, Mundys Mill, Tri-Cities, Woodward Academy

Hosted by Woodward Academy

Woodward will have a full lineup, and will be the heavy favorites to win the Region Title.   However, after Woodward, its a anyone's guess as to who will take the final 3 spots.  Tri CIties hasnt assessed any wrestlers, and Banneker, Creekside, Drew and Mundy's Mill will have less than half a lineup, but one of those teams has to finish 4th.  Forest Park will be closest to full, and while Jonesboro will have a lot of holes, they also have several talented wrestlers.

1. Woodward Academy
2. Forest Park
3. Jonesboro
4. Creekside

Class 5A Region 4

Teams: Dutchtown, Eagles Landing, Jones Co, Locust Grove, Ola, Stockbridge, Union Grove, Woodland Stockbridge

Hosted by Union Grove

Dutchtown, Stockbridge, and Woodland Stockbridge have too many holes in their lineup to compete with the other 5 schools in this region. 

Ola and Union Grove are definitely the top two teams here, and I believe this Dual could be closer than many people think.  Union Grove has a lot of talent, and that talent is more evenly distributed throughout their lineup, if they can get the right matchups in the light weights and middle weights, and pick up an upset, they could have a chance to capitalize on a very strong group of upperweights.  Locust Grove, Eagles Landing, and Jones Co will vie for the last two spots.  Locust Grove may have more high end talent than both Jones Co and Eagles Landing, but their lack bodies at the upper weights could come back to haunt them.  

1. Ola
2. Union Grove
3. Jones Co
4. Locust Grove
5. Eagles Landing

Class 5A State Quad Predictions Region 1-4

Region 1 Champion Quad: @ Ware Co
1-1 Ware Co vs 4-4 Locust Grove
2-3 Starrs Mill vs 3-2 Forest Park

Region 2 Champion Quad: @ Harris Co
2-1 Harris Co vs 3-4 Creekside
1-3 Coffee Co vs 4-2 Union Grove

Region 3 Champion Quad: @ Woodward Academy
3-1 Woodward Academy vs 2-4 Northgate
4-3 Jones Co vs 1-2 Veterans

Region 4 Champion Quad: @ Ola
4-1 Ola vs 1-4 Wayne Co
3-3 Jonesboro vs 2-2 Whitewater

Class 5A Region 5

Teams: Chamblee, Clarkston, Cross Keys, Decatur, Lithonia, ML King, Northview, Southwest Dekalb, St. Pius, Stone Mountain

Hosted by Stone Mountain

A region with 10 teams that only has 3 teams with more than 3 kids on the roster.  St. Pius, Southwest Dekalb, and Stone Mountain will field competitive teams, and will fight for the top 3 spots.  St. Pius is the only one of the three that is close to being full, so they are the favorites going into the weekend.  SWD's forfeits do not really fall in good places in their matchup with Stone Mountain. 

1. St. Pius
2. Stone Mountain
3. Southwest, Dekalb

Class 5A Region 6

Teams: Chapel Hill, Grady, Jackson Atlanta, Lithia Springs, New Manchester, North Springs, Villa Rica

Hosted by Villa Rica

This region is an absolute mess, not only is Villa Rica the only team that has a full lineup, they are the only team that can cover more than 9 weight classes.  It really is a shame that there will be teams in Region 4, 7 and 8 that will be sitting at home for the State Quads, while other regions may not even fill their allotted 4 spots.

1. Villa Rica
2. Jackson, Atlanta
3. New Manchester
4. Chapel Hill
5. Grady

Class 5A Region 7

Teams: Blessed Trinity, Calhoun, Cartersville, Cass, Hiram, Woodland Cartersville

Hosted by Cartersville

What is quite possibly the toughest region in the state, Woodland and Cass should provide us with the best dual of the entire weekend.  We could see 8 matches between wrestlers ranked in the top 10 at their weight and 9 of the 14 top ranked wrestlers in 5A will participate in this dual.  Blessed Trinity, Calhoun, and Cartersville should be poised to battle it out for the remaining two spots.

I fully expect their to be some serious lineup adjustments by both sides in the dual between Cass and Woodland.  However the murderers row that Woodland throws out between 126 and 160 is too much for anyone in the state to handle. Add in what they have at the other 8 lineups, and this may be the best team to ever come out of Georgia (Sorry Collins Hill).

1. Woodland, Cartersville
2. Cass
3. Blessed Trinity
4. Cartersville
5. Calhoun

Class 5A Region 8

Teams: Apalachee, Clarke Central, Eastside, Greenbrier, Jackson Co, Johnson Gainesville, Loganville, Walnut Grove

Hosted by Jackson Co

If Region 7 is the toughest in the state, then Region 8 is probably the most balanced in the state.  I could see any of the top 5 teams in this Region finishing in any of the top 5 spots, depending on who has a good day and who doesn't.  All 8 teams will come in with full or near full lineups, but Eastside, Greenbrier, Jackson Co, Loganville, and Walnut Grove will have the most firepower.

Greenbrier has posted a lot of very good results this season at both dual and individual events.  They have probably moved on my radar more than any other team in the state.  Jackson Co has a great first 5 weights and are solid everywhere else, but if they run into teams that have a couple of studs down low, the Panthers will be in trouble.  I see Loganville and Walnut Grove being the two teams most likely to meet up in the finals, and they would match up strength vs strength from 145 up, it should be a great dual.

1. Walnut Grove
2. Loganville
3. Greenbrier
4. Jackson Co

Class 5A State Quad Predictions Region 5-8

Region 5 Champion Quad: @ St. Pius
5-1 St Pius vs 8-4 Jackson Co
6-3 New Manchester vs 7-2 Cass

Region 6 Champion Quad: @ Villa Rica
6-1 Villa Rica vs 7-4 Cartersville
5-3 Southwest Dekalb vs 8-2 Loganville

Region 7 Champion Quad: @ Woodland, Cartersville
7-1 Woodland, Cartersville vs 6-4 Chapel Hill
8-3 Greenbrier vs 5-2 Stone Mountain

Region 8 Champion Quad: @ Walnut Grove
8-1 Walnut Grove vs 5-4 NONE
7-3 Blessed Trinity vs 6-2 Jackson, Atlanta

Class 5A Final 8

1-1 Ware Co
2-1 Harris Co
3-1 Woodward Academy
4-1 Ola
7-2 Cass
8-2 Loganville
7-1 Woodland, Cartersville
8-1 Walnut Grove

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