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7A Region Duals Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 01/15/21, 8:15AM AKST


Area/Region Duals are this Week!!!

New format for the State Duals this season.  In the predictions that you see below, please understand that they are based on limited information that I  have been able to find this season, along with  individual results posted by these wrestlers last season.  Please to not feel slighted if you feel like they are way off, I encourage you to go out there and prove these predictions wrong.  The whole purpose of this preview is to generate interest in the upcoming events.

Class 7A Region 1

Teams: Camden Co, Colquitt Co, Lowndes Co, Tift Co

Hosted by Camden Co

All 4 of these teams are solid, and they will give fits to whoever they face next weekend at the State Quads.  Lowndes first 5 weights are off the charts, and they have some tough wrestlers after that as well.  Colquitt has several potential individual State Champions in their lineup, and their upper weights can match up against anyone.  Camden is, well Camden, and I will make them the favorite every time until they lose.  They may have graduated a a lot of talented over the past two seasons, but they always reload, and never seem to miss a beat (Remember Collins Hill was "supposed to" beat them last year).

1. Camden Co
2. Colquitt Co
3. Lowndes Co
4. Tift Co

Class 7A Region 2

Teams: Campbell, East Coweta, McEachern, Newnan, Pebblebrook

Hosted by East Coweta

East Coweta and Newnan have dominated this region for as long as I can remember, and now McEachern has been added to the mix.  Pebblebrook only has around 5 wrestlers so that leaves the other 4 schools to compete for the 4 spots.  Campbell is much improved this year compared to where they have been the last 4 or 5 seasons, and they might not yet be ready to take on the other three schools, they are heading in the right direction.  East Coweta always has a tough squad, but this season may be one of the best they have had in a while.  

1. East Coweta
2. Newnan
3. McEachern
4. Campbell

Class 7A Region 3

Teams: Harrison, Hillgrove, Marietta, North Cobb, North Paulding, Walton

Hosted by Harrison

All 6 teams should be able to field competitive, and nearly full lineups.  I am interested to see Walton in a dual format, they have a very good traditional team, that could make some noise in a few weeks, but I am not yet sold on how they will be in duals.  I do see them surprising a few people along the way.  Harrison is solid but they aren't quite what they were a year ago.  Marietta is a program that is on the rise, they have had solid kids sprinkled throughout their line up over the last several years, but now they have some legit potential State Placers, surrounded by very solid role players.  North Paulding and Hillgrove are both in the middle of rebuilding after having tremendous teams in the recent past.

1. Walton
2. Harrison
3. Marietta
4. North Paulding
5. Hillgrove

Class 7A Region 4

Teams: Brookwood, Grayson, Newton, Parkview, South Gwinnett

Hosted by South Gwinnett

Brookwood lost 3 very talented wrestlers from last season, but they are also returning a very solid core, led by outstanding sophomore Landon Moss.  Grayson always has some very talented individuals, they just seem to fall a little bit short, mostly due to lower numbers.  However, this year looks to be a little different for the Rams, they seem to be wrestling with near a full lineup, and they have more experience in that lineup than what they have had in recent years.  South Gwinnett is also on the upswing, as they have a very balanced lineup, that will be tough through the middle weights.

1. Brookwood
2. South Gwinnett
3. Grayson
4. Parkview
5. Newton

Class 7A State Quad Predictions Region 1-4

Region 1 Champion Quad: @ Camden
1-1 Camden Co vs 4-4 Parkview
2-3 McEachern vs 3-2 Harrison

Region 2 Champion Quad: @ East Coweta
2-1 East Coweta vs 3-4 North Paulding
1-3 Lowndes vs 4-2 South Gwinnett

Region 3 Champion Quad: @ Walton
3-1 Walton vs 2-4 Campbell
4-3 Grayson vs 1-2 Colquitt Co

Region 4 Champion Quad: @ Brookwood
4-1 Brookwood vs 1-4 Tift Co
3-3 Marietta vs 2-2 Newnan

Class 7A Region 5

Teams: Alpharetta, Cherokee, Etowah, Milton, Roswell, Woodstock

Hosted by Etowah

All of these teams should have full lineups, or at least close to full, the only exception could be Alpharetta and possibly Roswell, depending on who shows up in the morning.  Cherokee and Etowah seem to have separated themselves from the rest of the Region, and they met last weekend with Etowah coming out on top.  Milton is a sneaky good dual team, and with Krsul and Williams in the middle of their lineup, they will surprise a few teams.  Woodstock will be mostly full and, I feel that it will be between them and Roswell for the 4th and final playoff spot.

1. Etowah
2. Cherokee Co
3. Milton
4. Woodstock
5. Roswell

Class 7A Region 6

Teams: Denmark, Forsyth Central, Gainesville, Lambert, North Forsyth, South Forsyth, West Forsyth

Hosted by West Forsyth

This region, along with Region 1 are the most loaded and most balanced regions in the entire classification.  West has clearly distanced themselves from the other schools, and they will give Camden, Colquitt, and Lowndes a run for the State Title.  Lambert isn't too far behind West, and 1 or 2 upsets (that are possible) and that Dual could get turned on its head quickly.  Gainesville, North, and South, all have the potential to knock off Lambert and Forsyth Central could potentially play spoiler, as they are good enough to upend a couple of teams as well.  This Forsyth region always seems to have close matches in the Finals of the Duals, and I don't expect anything any different this year.  

1. West Forsyth
2. Lambert
3. South Forsyth
4. North Forsyth
5. Gainesville

Class 7A Region 7

Teams: Archer, Berkmar, Discovery, Duluth, Dunwoody, Meadowcreek, Norcross

Hosted by Meadowcreek

Duluth, Meadowcreek, and Norcross will each have significant forfeits in their lineup.  Archer will be able to roll through this Region, and while Dunwoody is tough in spots, Archer is solid from top to bottom.  Berkmar and Discovery should have a close dual for the 3 and 4 spots in the region, as they will both have mostly full lineups, with a few ranked wrestlers appearing throughout the dual.  

1. Archer
2. Dunwoody
3. Discovery
4. Berkmar
5. Meadowcreek

Class 7A Region 8

Teams: Collins Hill, Mill Creek, Mountain View, North Gwinnett, Peachtree Ridge

Hosted by Mountain View

For the first time in quite a while we probably wont see a Collins Hill vs Mountain View show down in the finals of the Region Duals.   Collins Hill has very low numbers this season, after last years' State Runner-Up finish, but they have recently gotten an infusion of wrestlers now that football is finally over.  Mill Creek has a great group of talented wrestlers, but they have to figure out how to get them all in the lineup.  As I said in an earlier preview, the lineup shuffling usually settles itself by the time Region Duals rolls around, and i expect nothing different here with Mill Creek.  With that being said, several of their wrestlers haven't wrestled or weighed in since mid December.  Mountain View has a good core, but they are lacking the top of the podium fixtures that they have had in recent years.   With Mill Creek being the odds on favorite to win it, spots 2-5 are completely up in the air.

1. Mill Creek
2. Mountain View
3. Collins Hill
4. North Gwinnett
5. Peachtree Ridge

Class 7A State Quad Predictions Region 5-8

Region 5 Champion Quad: @ Etowah
5-1 Etowah vs 8-4 North Gwinnett
6-3 South Forsyth vs 7-2 Dunwoody

Region 6 Champion Quad: @ West Forsyth
6-1 West Forsyth vs 7-4 Berkmar
5-3 Milton vs 8-2 Mountain View

Region 7 Champion Quad: @ Archer
7-1 Archer vs 6-4 North Forsyth
8-3 Collins Hill vs 5-2 Cherokee

Region 8 Champion Quad: @ Mill Creek
8-1 Mill Creek vs 5-4 Woodstock
7-3 Discovery vs 6-2 Lambert

Class 7A Final 8

1-1 Camden Co
1-3 Lowndes Co
1-2 Colquitt Co
4-1 Brookwood
6-3 South Forsyth
6-1 West Forsyth
7-1 Archer
6-2 Lambert