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3A Traditional State Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 02/10/21, 4:30AM AKST



Class 3A will start things off at 8am on Wednesday February 10th.  Below is the order of the rounds for the first session.

- Round of 32
- Round of 16
- Consolation Round 1
- Quarterfinals & Consolation Round 2
- Semifinals & Consolation Round 3

532 Matches in 5 hours on 12 mats


We have 3 really good round of 16 matches on the top half of the bracket with Diles (Harlem) against Clifton (GAC), Ringer (Hart) vs Sanchez (Coahulla), and Owens (Adairsville) taking on Kaczmarek (Upson Lee).  The bottom half of the bracket is headlined by a quarters match between Davis (Rockmart) and Hamilton (LaFayette), the winner should see Yarbrough (Pierce) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Duncan RInger, Hart Co

1. Davis, Rockmart
2. Owens, Adairsville
3. Farist, Gilmer
4. Sanchez, Coahulla Creek
5. Hamilton, LaFayette
5. Yarbrough, Pierce Co



Huge round of 16 match in the top half of the bracket between Eavenson (Franklin) and Sanchez (Coahulla), the winner should see Gonzalez (Gilmer) in the semis.  On the bottom half look for the quarters match between Pace (Rockmart) and Keener (Ringgold), with the winner drawing Contreras (North Hall) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Dawson Marr, North Murray

1. Contreras, North Hall
2. Eavenson, Franklin Co
3. Keener, Ringgold
4. Pace, Rockmart
5. Marr, North Murray
5. Gonzalez, Gilmer



This is a very balanced bracket, unfortunately it looks like we have the 2 best wrestlers on the bottom half.  Thompson (North Hall) vs Beavers (Rockmart) should be a great semifinal match, at least it isn't in the quarters.  On the top half, Linley (Adairsville) vs Jaimes (Hart) in the quarters should be great, the winner should see Lopez (Gilmer) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Griffin McAlister, Morgan Co

1. Beavers, Rockmart
2. Linley, Adairsville
3. Thompson, North Hall
4. Lopez, Gilmer
5. Jaimes, Hart Co
5. McAlister, Morgan Co



The top half of this bracket is loaded with several studs, but the bottom half has the two best kids in the bracket.  On the top side the second quadrant is brutal with Winters (Rockmart) and Moss (Central Macon) meeting in the round of 16, and the winner moves on to see Cartrette (Oconee Co) in the quarters,  Pedraza (North Hall) and Dudley (Adairsville) are on a a path to meet up in the semis.

Darkhorse: Kenyon Simpson, Burke Co

1. Pedraza, North Hall
2. Moss, Central (Macon)
3. Dudley, Adairsville
4. Winters, Rockmart
5. Cartrette, Oconee Co
5. Watts, Gilmer



Very interesting bracket set up here, the bottom half looks normal with the top guys meeting in the quarters, Biggs (Cherokee Bluff) and Thorn (Pierce) along with Chambers (Rockmart) vs Knight (Sonoraville).  However, the top half is a jumbled mess, Armstrong (West Hall) and Sullivan (LaFayette) in the round of 32, with the winner getting Beady (Stephens Co) in the round of 16.  Domingo (North Hall) and Grindle (Morgan) in the quarters up top as well.

Darkhorse: Brian Armstrong, West Hall

1. Knight, Sonoraville
2. Sullivan, LaFayette
3. Biggs, Cherokee Bluff
4. Chambers, Rockmart
5. Domingo, North Hall
5. Grindle, Morgan Co



On the top half we get a great round of 16 match up between Woerner (Pike Co) and Wilson (Rockmart), i see the winner of that match advancing to the finals.  On the bottom side, Garrett (GAC vs Ledford (LaFayette) in the quarters with the winner meeting Whitmire (North Hall) in the semis.

Darkhorse: TJ Payne, Lumpkin Co

1. Whitmire, North Hall
2. Woerner, Pike Co
3. Garrett, GAC
4. Wages, Morgan Co
5. Wilson, Rockmart
5. Payne, Lumpkin Co



Most of the top guys stay separated in this bracket until the quarters, with the exception of Irwin (Lumpkin) and Sumner (Gilmer) meeting in the round of 16.  On the bottom half of the bracket O'Neal (Sonoraville) and Campbell (North Hall) should meet up in the semis, in a great match up.

Darkhorse: Gage Lee, Pike Co

1. Sumner, Gilmer
2. Campbell, North Hall
3. O'Neal, Sonoraville
4. Irwin, Lumpkin Co
5. Lee, Pike Co
5. Fairbanks, Oconee Co



The bottom quarter matchup between Cornett (Adairsville) and Ledford (LaFayette) will be great, the winner should cruise into the finals.  On the top half, Jacinto (Gilmer should cruise into the semis where he will face the winner of Bradsher (Hart) and Guest (Pike).

Darkhorse: Mason Roberson, Pierce Co

1. Cornett, Adairsville
2. Jacinto, Gilmer
3. Ledford, Lafayette
4. Bradsher, Hart Co
5. Guest, Pike Co
5. Homes, Lumpkin Co



Round of 16 match between Sorrow (North Hall) and Jacinto (Gilmer) will be great on the top half, the winner there should make the finals.  Bishop (Murray Co) and Nance (Cherokee Bluff) also meet in the round of 16 on the bottom half, and the winner should see Millhollan (Rockmart) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Wesley Porter, Adairsville

1. Millhollan, Rockmart
2. Jacinto, Gilmer
3. Nance, Cherokee Bluff
4. Deal, LaFayette
5. Weaver, Sonoraville
5. Bishop, Murray Co



Great separation in this bracket, however this bracket is pretty wide open after the top 3 or 4.  Coryell (Lumpkin) vs Henkel (Franklin) could be a great round of 16 match on the top half.  On the bottom half Dresch (Oconee) and Schuette (Dawson Co) meet in the round of 32, which is just wrong.  Ultimately I see Jacinto (Gilmer) vs Henkel (Franklin) and Battle (North Hall) vs Faulk (Adairsville) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Kincaid Schuette, Dawson Co

1. Battle, North Hall
2. Henkel, Franklin Co
3. Jacinto, Gilmer
4. Faulk, Adairsville
5. Schuette, Dawson Co
5. Campellone, West Hall



Again we have the top 2 guys in the weight on the same side of the bracket.  Adams (North Hall) and Harper (Sonoraville) will meet in the semis, and the winner should win the state title.  On the top half, Diles (Harlem) and Sims (Cherokee Bluff) will meet in the quarters, and the winner should see Walker (Stephens Co) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Jakilen King, Pike Co

1. Adams, North Hall
2. Diles, Harlem
3. Harper, Sonoraville
4. Higgins, GAC
5. Sims, Cherokee Bluff
5. Walker, Stephens Co



The 2nd and 4th quadrants are tough, opening the door for a couple of relative unknowns to make the semis in the other 2 quadrants.  On the top half we should see Manga (Monroe Area) and Lovett (Pike) meeting in the quarters, with the winner cruising to the finals.  On the bottom side we will see Jones (Westminster) and Knight (Sonoraville) meeting in the quarters, with the winner there also cruising to the finals.

Darkhorse: Rhys DeLoach, Richmond

1. Knight, Sonoraville
2. Lovett, Pike Co
3. Manga, Monroe Area
4. Jones, Westminster
5. Grimsley, Morgan Co
5, DeLoach, Richmond Academy



On the top half, I see Galloway (Gilmer) and Hyman (Hart) meeting in the semis.  On the bottom half there is a great quarterfinals match between Ammons (Rockmart) and Peppers (Sonoraville), with the winner meeting Sullens (White Co) in the semis.

Darkhorse: Brenty Raby, Ringgold

1. Sullens, White Co
2. Galloway, Gilmer
3. Ammons, Rockmart
4. Peppers, Sonoraville
5. Newton, Dawson Co
5. Hyman, Hart Co



The second quadrant on the top half is going to be awesome, with a round of 16 match between Tyler (Hart) and Patterson (Lafayette).  The winner there will get Lamar (Central, Macon) in the quarters.  On the bottom half, it looks like the winner of the quarters match between Knight (Sonoraville) and Davis (Rockmart) should advance to the finals.

Darkhorse: Micah Reid, Morgan Co

1. Knight, Sonoraville
2. Patterson, LaFayette
3. Lamar, Central (Macon)
4. Davis, Rockmart
5. Trowell, White Co
5. Wright, Richmond Academy


Team Scores

1. North Hall             215
2.  Rockmart             209
3. Gilmer                     201
4. Sonoraville           167
5. Adairsville             145
6. LaFayette              110
7. Pike Co                       96
8. Oconee Co               94
9. Lumpkin Co              78
10. Morgan Co             73


I have been way off on 3A all year long, hopefully this preview is better.  (Don't hold your breath)

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