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Report Card: Traditional State Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 02/19/21, 5:30AM AKST


How did I do with my Traditional State Predictions

Report Card

Pretty mediocre results this go around, but with the lack of big tournaments, and very little results being posted this year, I will take it.

I correctly picked 57 of the 98 Champions= 58%

5A was my best with 11/14, but when you have Hunt,McCrary, Kilic, Henson, Singleton as shoo ins, it is a lot easier.

6A was my worst with only 6/14. 

I correctly picked 6 of the 7 champions at 132 and 152


I Correctly picked 129 of the 196 finalists= 66%

5A was my best with 21/28 finalists correctly identified.

1A was my worst with only 16/28 finalists picked correctly.

I accurately picked all 14 finalists at 132 pounds.

I only got 5/14 finalists at 106.

Total Placers
There were 588 state placers in Georgia this season, and I correctly identified 426 of them= 72%

7A was my best with 64/84 placers identified

5A and 6A were my worst with 59/84 placers identified.

I did get 197 of the placers in the right spot= 34%

I only had one perfect weight class where I correctly predicted all 6 placers, in the right spot, and that was in 2A at 220 lbs

There were 5 other brackets where I correctly identified all 6 placers, just not all in the right spot.

I identified 5 or more of the correct placers in 42/98 brackets. 

My worst overall bracket was 6A 195 where I only identified 1 of the 6 placers.


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