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5A & 6A State Previews

By Georgia Grappler, 02/09/22, 7:45PM AKST


It's State Championship Week!!!!


The two best guys in the weight class happened to be in the same sectional.  Lee Camp of Cass was able to stay undefeated, knocking off Mason Moody of Locust Grove by a 10-2 major decision.  Camp will probably have to face off against Hayden Fritts of Woodward in the semis, if Fritts can get by Kwanzi Baker of Coffee in the quarters.  The semifinals on the top half should give us a great matchup between Moody and Dylan Jurovschi of Jackson Co, Moody is 50-1 and Jurovschi is 33-4.  

1. Camp- Cass
2. Moody- Locust Grove
3. Jurovschi- Jackson Co
4. Fritts- Woodward Academy
5. Baker- Coffee
5. Nguyen- Harris Co


Last weekend's Sectional final match between Piatt of Cass and Malette of Locust Grove, set the stage for a great bracket this weekend.  Piatt won by major decision which will put Malette on the same side as Colby McBride of Woodward, that match would be a State Finals rematch from last year.  Piatt will have to get past Smith of St. Pius in the quarters and then Farmer of Johnson in the semis in order to face the McBride vs Malette winner in the finals. 

1. Piatt- Cass
2. McBride- Woodward
3. Malette- Locust Grove
4. Farmer- Johnson
5. Smith- St. Pius
5. Lugo- Coffee


Cole Hunt of Cass is the heavy favorite to win his 3rd State title and his second in a row at 120lbs.  His toughest competition in the bracket is probably Oran Decker of Harris Co, who he beat 12-6 in the Sectional Finals.  For Decker to get his rematch in the State Finals, he will need to first get past Cooper Hoffman of Jackson Co in the semis.  Decker finished 2nd in the State last year at 113lbs while Hoffman finished 5th at 113.

1. Hunt- Cass
2. Decker- Harris Co
3. Coumbs- Veterans
4, Hoffman- Jackson Co
5. Williams- Eagles Landing
5. Dempsey- Locust Grove


Will Cass be able to win the first four weight classes?  Jake Crapps is the heavy favorite to win it all at 126 after finishing 3rd at 113 last year.  Like Hunt, his toughest competition will more than likely come from his sectional.  He should cruise into the finals this year and he will likely face the winner of the quarterfinal match between Carson Bailey of Woodland and Conner Kimbrough of Ola.  Crapps beat both of them at sectionals, Kimbrough by major decision and Bailey by tech fall.  It is possible that he sees the other Sectional Champ, Sebastian Melendez of Greenbrier in the finals, Melendez knocked off Kale Griswell of Walnut Grove 8-4 in the Sectional Finals.

1. Crapps- Cass
2. Kimbrough- Ola
3. Melendez- Greenbrier
4. Bailey- Woodland
5. Griswell- Walnut Grove
5. Phillips- Ware Co


Everyone is hoping to see a rematch of the sectional finals bout between Reese Jones of Ola and William Bishop of Woodland, a match won by Jones in UTB.  Jones is already a 3-time State placer and would like to add a second State Title to his resume.  Davin Lundquist of Harris Co would like to throw a wrench into everyone's plans as he faces Bishop in the quarters.  Lundquist placed 3rd at 120lbs last season and finished 3rd at sectionals after losing to Jones in the semifinals by major decision.

1. Jones- Ola
2. Bishop- Woodland
3. Lundquist- Harris Co
4. Boland- Jones Co
5. Barb- Veterans
5. Dawkins- Walnut Grove


Another weight class where the top 3 guys all come from the same sectionals.  Bryce Kresho of Cass knocked off Sam Harris of Ola in the Sectional Finals, and they will likely get a rematch in the State Finals.  Harris defeated Turner of Cartersville in the semifinals of sectionals, and Turner will likely battle Crisjaniel Martinez of Greenbrier for 3rd.

1. Kresho- Cass
2. Harris- Ola
3. Martinez- Greenbrier
4. Turner- Cartersville
5. Rhodes- Loganville
5. Clinton- Union Grove


This weight class has the finals matchup that I am most interested in seeing.  138lbs State Runner-up Tyler McKnight of Cass going up against 138lbs 3rd place finisher, Latrell Schafer of Veterans.  There are a couple of other things to keep an eye on in this weight class as well.  How will the two freshmen, Papcun of Ola and Dehaven of Woodward, fare in this bracket.  Also the quarterfinal match between Papcun and Wood of Harris Co promises to be a great one.

1. Schafer- Veterans
2. McKnight- Cass
3. Papcun- Ola
4. Wood- Harris Co
5. Dehaven- Woodward
5. Clowers- Ware Co


This is where we start to get into the nearly untouchable hammers, first up is Caleb Henson, possibly the pound for pound #1 wrestler in all of Georgia.  Henson will be looking to become a 4-time State Champion on Friday night, and there really isnt much standing in his way.  

1. Henson- Woodland
2. Vorse- Veterans
3. Kernan- Blessed Trinity
4. Doolittle- Cass
5. Hinson- Locust Grove
5. Allen- Clarke Central


Many thought that Michael Kilic was another one of those :untouchable" wrestlers, that was until he was knocked off by Cole Cochran of Woodland at the State Duals.  Both of these wrestlers will become 4-time State placers when they meet in the finals, Kilic will be looking to become a 4--time State Champions, and Cochran will be trying to win his 2nd straight State Title.   Despite two other returning State Placers in the field, there is nothing that will get in the way of this matchup between State Champs happening.

1. Kilic- Woodward Academy
2. Cochran- Woodland
3. Helms- Walnut Grove
4. Roe- Cass
5. Sherwood- Veterans
5. Green- Calhoun


Gunner Filipowicz of Woodward will be looking to win his 2nd straight title at 170lbs. He had 3 first period pins and a 2nd period tech fall on his way to a sectional title.  His only competition will come in the finals against 160lbs State Runner-up, Zach McKnight of Cass.

1. Filipowicz- Woodward Academy
2. McKnight- Cass
3. Allen- Stone Mountain
4. Fields- Whitewater
5. Jones- Walnut Grove
5. Browne- Coffee


If Henson isn't Georgia's pound for pound best, then Matthew Singleton of Woodward is, he to will be shooting for his 4th State Title.  He has been dominant all season and he rolled through sectionals collecting 4 pins on his way to the Sectional Title.  He is 46-0 so far this year, and I do not know when the last time he lost to someone from Georgia.  

1. Singleton- Woodward Academy
2. Baskins- Southwest Dekalb
3. Dunn- Cass
4. Smith- Ola
5. McKenzie- McIntosh
5. Warren- Walnut Grove


Landon Moss of Walnut Grove won a State Title last year while competing for Brookwood in 7A.  He will have quite a battle with Union Grove's Levi Roe in the semis.  On the bottom half of the bracket we will get a great quarterfinals match between Valdes of Woodward and Eligwe of Loganville, with the winner facing off against Charles Higdon of Woodland in the semifinals.  Higson finished 3rd at 220 last year while Valdes finished 3rd at 195, Eligwe and Roe both made it to the bloodround last season.

1. Moss- Walnut Grove
2. Higdon- Woodland
3. Eligwe- Loganville
4. Valdes- Woodward
5. Roe- Union Grove
5. Shannon Stone Mountain


This is the most wide open weight class in all of class 5A.  The Sectional Champions were Brandon High of Coffee and Gavin Proffitt of McIntosh.  Both of them should be able to make it to the State Finals, but both of them could be knocked off along the way.  Prime candidates to pull the upset in this bracket would be Chris Ramos of Ola, Marquez Hunt of Jones Co, and Kelly Wells of Calhoun.


1. Proffitt- McIntosh
2. Wells- Calhouns
3. High- Coffee
4. Brown- Mundy's Mill
5. Ramos- Ola
5. Hunt- Jones Co


Shadre Hurst of Cartersville is undefeated and he finished as the State Runner-up at 285 last season.  He will get 5th place finisher Jahill McKenney of Eagles Landing in the quarters, and could face Kyle Smith of Walnut Grove in the semifinals.  On the top half of the bracket, Woodward's Jaylin Tate will face the quarterfinal winner between O'Neill of Ola and Jernigan of Woodland.

1. Hurst- Cartersville
2. Jernigan- Woodland
3. Tate- Woodward Academy
4. Smith- Walnut Grove
5. McKenney- Eagles Landing
5. O'Neill- Ola


Region 2 is super tough at this weight with Santiago of Effingham Co, Stellhorn of South Effingham, and Hicks of Brunswick, but the man to beat here is defending State Champion Ryan Ibold of Buford.  Ibold doesn't have the easiest path to the finals, as he should see Nelson of Valdosta in the quarters and then either Stellhorn or Hicks in the semis.  There will be 2 tremendous first round matches at this weight with Hicks going up against Olade of Lee Co and Xayabouth-Jones of Alexander facing McElligot of Lassiter.  

1. Ibold- Buford
2. Santiago- Effingham Co
3. Hicks- Brunswick
4. Nelson- Vadosta
5. Bullard- Allatoona
5. Xayabouth-Jones- Alexander


Two phenomenal freshmen land in the top half of the bracket, with McCormack of Buford coming in as the Sectional Champ and Keane of Cambridge finishing 2nd in the other sectional, look for those two to meet in the semifinals.  On the other side of the bracket, we could get a matchup of two returning State Placers between Galindez of South Effingham and Tabb of Lee Co, both of them finished 5th at 113lbs last year.  Another freshman, Carter Brickley of Lassiter will look to spoil that match as he will face Tabb in the quarterfinals.  

1. McCormack- Buford
2. Galindez- South Effingham
3. Keane- Cambridge
4. Brickley- Lassiter
5. Tabb- Lee Co
5. Bee- Glynn academy


Buford freshmen Maddox McArthur is the front runner at this weight class, he is 44-4 on the year and he dominated at sectionals with 3 pins and a major decision.   This bracket has four returning State Placers in it, and we could see State Runner up Doker of Lanier against 4th place finisher Riley Brewer of Lee Co in the quarters.  The winner of that match will likely get 5th place finisher Durban Carpenter of Chattahoochee in the semifinals.  McArthur doesn't move through without an effort, as he could see 3rd place finisher, Conner Nevin of Effingham Co in the semis.

1. McArthur- Buford
2. Brewer- Lee Co
3. Doker- Lanier
4. Carpenter- Chattahoochee
5. Nevin- Effingham Co
5. Labasi- Sequoyah


Buford will look to potentially match Cass in 5A by winning State Titles at the first 4 weight classes, they have another freshman in Drew Gorman at this weight.  Andrew Voiles of Alexander looks to end his career the way it began, with a State Championship, he will likely see a very good Josh Sanders of Sprayberry in the semifinals.  Gorman and Voiles have wrestled twice this year, splitting those two matches.  

1. Voiles- Alexander
2. Gorman- Buford
3. Sanders- Sprayberry
4. Blanchard- South Effingham
5. Dragon- Richmond Hill
5. Yeager- Creekview


There are a lot of great finals matchups in 6A this year, but the potential final at this weight is the one I am most interested in seeing.  Darrell Rochester of Valdosta will look to keep Jacob Seymour of South Paulding from becoming a 4-time State Champion.  Seymour will have a tough test in the semis against Tyler Henley of Buford, but that is the only thing between what should be a great finals matchup.

1. Seymour- South Paulding
2. Rochester- Valdosta
3. Henley- Buford
4. McKinney- Brunswick
5. Karpinski- Pope
5. Ki- Lakeside, Evans


David Panone of Lassiter will look to become a 3-time State Champion, and this bracket is loaded with great match ups.  In the quarters we could McMinn of Lee Co against Pope of Buford, McMinn lost in sudden victory to Panone last week and Pope is a returning State Placer.  The winner of that bout will see Josh Bledsoe in the semifinals.   In the semis Panone will face the winner of Comari Cone of Brunswick and Jackson Crawford of Richmond Hill, these two region foes finished 1st and 2nd at Region and then 2nd and 3rd at Sectionals.

1. Pope- Buford
2. Panone- Lassiter
3. McMinn- Lee Co
4. Bledsoe- Creekview
5. Cone- Brunswick
5. Crawford- Richmond Hill


The top half of this bracket is loaded and absolutely wide open, Lamon of Valdosta is the Sectional Champ and the favorite to make it through.  However Marcus Norman of Brunswick and Jacobee Connell of Lassiter will meet in round 1 with the winner facing Willie Thang of Creekview in the quarters, whoever comes out of that mess will face Lamon in the semifinals.  On the bottom half JT McCullough of Buford should see Brewer of Lee Co in the quarters with the winner moving on to face Kane of Cambridge in the semis.

1. Lamon- Valdosta
2. Kane- Cambridge
3. Thang- Creekview
4. Norman- Brunswick
5. Brewer- Lee Co
5. Connell- Lassiter


Andrew Cory of Creekview is looking to become a 3-time State Champion and there is only one other returning State Placer in the field.  Blake Etheridge of Brunswick finished 5th last year and he will face Cory in the quarterfinals.  Talen Thompson looks like the best bet to navigate through the top half of the bracket, but he will be challenged in the quarters by Santana from South Effingham.

1. Cory- Creekview
2. Thompson- Buford
3. Gregory- Lee Co
4. Seymour- South Paulding
5. Santana- South Effingham
5. White- Valdosta


Pope's Joey Robinson is a 3-time State Placer that finished 2nd at 126 last year, and won a State Title at 113 as a sophomore, he has moved all the way up to 160lbs and is 43-1 on the season.  He will have a very tough semifinals match against Shered of Cambridge, who finished 2nd at 152 lbs last year or Charlie Throne of Sequoyah, also a returning State Placer.  Cade Sousa is a 2-time place that sat out last year with injury, he knocked off Throne 9-3 in the sectional finals last week and should make the finals from the bottom half of the bracket.

1. Sousa- Creekview
2. Robinson- Pope
3. Shered- Cambridge
4. Throne- Sequoyah
5. Santee- Buford
5. Bates- Grovetown


The top two guys at this weight met in the sectional finals last weekend with Zyan Hall of Wheeler edging Conor McClosky of Buford by a score of 4-1.  McClosky's semifinal opponent, either Ryan Throne of Sequoyah or Cedric Stewart of Valdosta is the only thing standing in the way of a rematch in the State Finals.  Stewart and Throne will meet each other in the quarterfinals.

1. Hall- Wheeler
2. McClosky- Buford
3. Stewart- Valdosta
4. Throne- Sequoyah
5. Driggs- Cambridge
5. Fiorenza- Lassiter


This is definitely the most wide open weight class in all of 6A and the excitement starts in round 1 with a match between Plummer of Sequoyah and Flosser of Lassiter.  The winner of that match will get surprise Sectional Champion Maldonado of Grovetown in the quarters.  Dylan Burton of Alexander and Leon Charlton of Brunswick will be another phenomenal quarterfinal matchup as will Suber of Lee Co and Riner of Buford.  The winner of the Riner/Suber match should see defending State Champion Jackson Wakefield of Glynn Academy in the semis.

1. Wakefield- Glynn Academy
2. Maldonado- Grovetown
3. Charlton- Brunswick
4. Burton- Alexander
5. Riner- Buford
5. Suber- Lee Co


Last year 195 was the toughest weight class in all of 6A, and Josh McCutchen knocked off State Placer after State Placer on his way to the title.  This year he is the heavy favorite to defend his title, but he could see the only other returning State Placer in the bracket, Stanley of Brunswick,  during his quarterfinal match.  Meeting McCutchen in the finals will likely be Nigel Wright of Effingham Co, he was the Sectional Champion on the opposite side and has picked up 63 wins on the year. 

1. McCutchen- Valdosta
2. Wright- Effingham Co
3. Gonser- Richmond Hill
4. Watson- Habersham Central
5. Hubert- Creekview
5. Stanley- Brunswick


Another wide open weight class where the favorite going into the post season was knocked off in the Sectional Finals.  Logan Webster of Sequoyah finished 3rd at 220 last year, but he was defeated 9-6 last week by Jacob Levey, a freshman from Carrollton.  Trelain Maddox of Buford won with a convincing tech fall in the finals of the other sectional, and he will likely see Webster in the semifinals.

1. Levey- Carrollton
2. Webster- Sequoyah
3. Lowe- Brunswick
4. Maddox- Buford
5. Davis- Valdosta
5. Woods- Dalton


Madden Sanker of South Paulding is the defending State Champion at 285lbs, but he lost in the Region Finals to Riley Souther of Dalton.  Sanker responded at the Sectional tournament with 4 first period pins on his way to the Sectional Championship.  Sanker should continue his pinning ways into the State Finals where he will likely see the winner of the quarterfinal match between Koita of Pope and Souther.  

1. Sanker- South Paulding
2. Koita- Pope
3. Hubert- Creekview
4. Souther- Dalton
5. Inman- Valdosta
5. Moss- Grovetown