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2A State Tournament Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 02/16/23, 5:00AM AKST


Individual State Champions will be Crowned!!!!!


It's time for the Traditional State Tournament, but before we get to that, just a few stats on how our Rankings stacked up to Sectional results.

152 of the 168 State Qualifiers were ranked in our final top 15 Rankings.

13 of the 14 top ranked wrestlers won their Sectional Tournament

Team Race: There really isn't one, Rockmart will dominate this tournament from start to finish and could have things wrapped up mid way through the semifinals.

The 2A State Tournament will begin at 8am on Friday (2/17) and the Finals will be held Saturday (2/17) morning at around 11:00am

Good Luck to all the Wrestlers and Coaches this week as you chase your dreams and goals!!!  If we don't predict you where you want to be, then go out there and prove us wrong.

Lightweights 106-132

Brandon Locke of North Murray comes from out of nowhere to win the Sectional after placing 3rd in Region.  This weight is possibly the most tumultuous weight in all of 2A, but the one consistent has been Charlie Wheeler of East Jackson.  Wheeler will need to get through the 2nd and 3rd ranked guys on the bottom half to get to the finals, but he should be the Champ in the end.

Best 1st round match: #5 Siburkis (Gordon Central) vs #7 Ledford (Banks Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #1 Wheeler (East Jackson) vs #3 Perry (Jordan)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Charlie Wheeler, East Jackson
2nd- Vance Siburkis, Gordon Central
3rd- Malachi Macedonio, Rockmart
4th- Ziare Perry, Jordan
5th- Brandon Locke, North Murray
5th- Noah Smith, Brantley Co


Summers of Fannin and Sharp of Rockmart are the top ranked guys and they both took care of business last weekend, setting up a finals match between #1 and #2.  They will both get tested in the semis with Summers seeing Houston of Model and Sharp getting Maynard of Banks, but they should take care of business to set up the 1 v 2 final.

Best 1st round match: #8 Howell (Brantley Co) vs #6 Carter (Cook)

Best Quarterfinal match: #2 Sharp (Rockmart) vs #9 Stanley (Putnam Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Blake Summers, Fannin Co
2nd- Hagen Sharp, Rockmart
3rd- Jonah Houston, Model
4th- CJ Maynard, Banks Co
5th- Tristin Carter, Cook Co
5th- Brody Howell, Brantley Co


TK Davis of Rockmart is one of the top pound for pound wrestlers in the State of Georgia, and he should roll to his 2nd consecutive State Title.  The bottom half of this bracket is about as interesting as it gets.  The 6 wrestlers on the bottom of the bracket are ranked 2nd-7th, so every match down there should be great.  Calderon vs Cruz in the semifinals will be one of the best semifinal matches of the weekend.

Best 1st round match: #7 Register (Toombs Co) vs #6 Wallace (Cook Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #4 Huttoe (Dodge Co) vs #2 Calderon (ELCA)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- TK Davis, Rockmart
2nd- Allen Calderon, ELCA
3rd- Angel Cruz, Banks Co
4th- Dayvion Huttoe, Dodge Co
5th- Christian White, Glenn Hills
5th- Jonathon Westerberry, Brantley Co


Chambers of Rockmart is the clear front runner here, after finishing 2nd last season, he looks to cap off his career with a State Title.  Any one of 4 guys could emerge from the bottom half of the bracket.  Adams of Haralson upset As-Siddiq in the quarters last week, and they will meet again in the quarters this week if As-Siddiq can get by Evans of Banks Co.  

Best 1st round match: #2 As-Siddiq (Columbia) vs Evans (Banks Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 Smith (East Jackson) vs #10 Yescos (Toombs Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Gunner Chambers, Rockmart
2nd- Thawbaan As-Siddiq, Columbia
3rd- Joshua Smith, East Jackson
4th- Cooper Moreland, Fannin Co
5th- Gage Adams, Haralson Co
5th- Danny Evans, Banks Co


Another weight class where Rockmart is the clear favorite, here it is James Murray.  Last week he pinned 2nd ranked Berni of Jordan in under a minute.  Murray should emerge victorious with bonus points throughout the tournament.

Best 1st round match: #7 Thomas (Cook) vs #9 Coats (Putnam Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #2 Berni (Jordan) vs #3 Goolsby (NE Macon)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- James Murray, Rockmart
2nd- Phillip Berni, Jordan
3rd- Jarrdarrious Goolsby, Northeast Macon
4th- Dallon Lowe, Brantley Co
5th- Anderson Clouse, Union Co
5th- Jaylen Thomas, Cook Co

Middleweights 138-165

This bracket got all sorts of twisted due to some crazy sectional results, but top Ranked Collis of Fannin Co won his sectional with a 4-3 decision of 2nd ranked Mullins of Banks Co, Collis also topped Mullins in the finals at Area.  Look for those two to be on a collision course for a third consecutive finals match on Saturday morning.

Best 1st round match: #6 Winters (Rockmart) vs #4 Rotko (Union Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Robinson (Landmark) vs #1 Collis (Fannin Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Taylor Collis, Fannin Co
2nd- Elijah Mullins, Banks Co
3rd- Ethan Carter, Haralson Co
4th- Drew Robinson, Landmark
5th- Zander Rotko, Union Co
5th- Caleb Blair, Murray Co


Here we have another opportunity for a #1 vs #2 showdown in the finals between Fannin Co and Rockmart.  Both Collis of Fannin and Wilson of Rockmart took care of business at sectionals with Collis pinning his way through the bracket.  There are a couple of obstacles in their path, but nothing that they shouldn't be able to handle.

Best 1st round match: #10 Haisel (Jeff Davis) vs #9 Smith (East Jackson)

Best Quarterfinal match: #7 Dean (Southwest) vs #3 Hardeman (Landmark)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Carson Collis, Fannin Co
2nd- Hunter Wilson, Rockmart
3rd- Tucker Hardeman, Landmark
4th- Danny Thigpen, Pierce Co
5th- Jansen Kilgore, Dodge Co
5th- Kole Smith, East Jackson


In the Sectional Final, top ranked Lampe of East Jackson picked up an 11-2 major decision win over 2nd ranked Hightower of Vidalia.  These two are on opposite sides of the bracket and should see each other again in the State Finals.

Best 1st round match: #5 Kines (Model) vs #4 Brantley (Toombs Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #7 Cantrell (Fannin Co) vs #2 Hightower (Vidalia)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Ben Lampe, East Jackson
2nd- Gabriel Hightower, Vidalia
3rd- Asa Smith-Foot, Union Co
4th- Nickel Mikell, Southwest
5th- Tyson Brantley, Toombs Co
5th- Drake Cantrell, Fannin Co


The top 2 ranked guys at this weight hail from Region 8, #1 Legatt won the sectional, but Walley dropped down to 6th, and would see Legatt in the semifinals.  Sectional Champ Jed Rountree of Cook Co and Jack Godbee of Vidalia should meet up in the semifinals to determine who advances from the top half.

Best 1st round match: #6 White (Jeff Davis) vs #2 Walley (Banks Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Rountree (Cook) vs #5 Darden (Central Macon)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Payton Legatt, Union Co
2nd- Jed Rountree, Cook Co
3rd- Jack Godbee, Vidalia
4th- Kellon Walley, Banks Co
5th- Michale Jones, Toombs Co
5th- Jalen Darden, Central Macon


Defending State Champ Nahzir Turner of Rockmart is 47-2 on the season, and he should bonus his way through the bracket.  Heradia of Union Co has put together quite a nice season, and the sectional Champ looks to be the favorite to come out of the bottom half of the bracket.

Best 1st round match: #15 Sims (Murray Co) vs #9 Pruitt (Brantley Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 Hyatt (Haralson Co) vs #4 Lopez (Berrien Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Nahzir Turner, Rockmart
2nd- David Heradia, Union Co
3rd- Colby Shaw, Fannin Co
4th- Matthew Lopez, Berrien Co
5th- Michael Hyatt, Haralson Co
5th- Samuel Sapp, Vidalia

Upperweights 175-285

Davenport of Fannin Co is a 2x Runner-up and is looking to cap his career with that elusive State Title.  He enters the tournament with a record of 30-1 and ranked #1.  He pinned his way through the bracket at Sectionals and he should face 2nd ranked Davis of Model in the State Finals.  Davis finished 3rd in the State last season, and he also pinned his way through the sectional bracket.

Best 1st round match: #7 Townsel (Vidalia) vs #9 Brown (ELCA)

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 Whisenhunt (Union Co) vs #3 Sankoh (Glenn Hills)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Corbin Davenport, Fannin Co
2nd- Riley Davis, Model
3rd- Frashawn Sankoh, Glenn Hills
4th- Aaron Flood, Murray Co
5th- Drake Jones, Berrien Co
5th- Huck Whisenhunt, Union Co


The top 2 ranked wrestlers both won their sectional and should meet up in the State Finals.  Top ranked Tank Morris of Toombs Co will look to move up 1 step on the podium after his Runner-up finish a year ago.  Noah Allmon of Model is a 2x State placer getting 5th last season after finishing 3rd as a sophomore.  Morris defeated Allmon earlier in the season.

Best 1st round match: #3 Moore (Fitzgerald) vs #9 Thompson (Glenn Hills)

Best Quarterfinal match: #8 Newberry (Fannin Co) vs #5 Pointer (Vidalia)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Tank Morris, Toombs Co
2nd- Noah Allmon, Model
3rd- Drew Moore, Fitzgerald
4th- Tristan Lower, Putnam Co
5th- Ronald Pointer, Vidalia
5th- Gabriel Herlong, Walker School


Top ranked Jayden Lyons of Pierce Co got upset by fellow Area 3 foe Wil Watts of Toombs Co in the Sectional Finals.  Lyons knocked off 2nd ranked Crowder of Fannin in the semifinals, and those two should meet again in the quarters at State.  The winner of that quarterfinal match will more than likely see Watts in the Finals.

Best 1st round match: #10 Ortega (Jeff Davis) vs #6 Dodd (Banks Co)

Best Quarterfinal match: #1 Lyons (Pierce Co) vs #2 Crowder (Fannin Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Jaden Lyons, Pierce Co
2nd- Wil Watts, Toombs Co
3rd- Je'Quez Robinson, NE Macon
4th- Malcom Burris, Fitzgerald
5th- J'Sun Covington, Cook Co
5th- Matthew Crowder, Fannin Co


Heavyweight generally falls into one of two categories, it has 1 dominant wrestler that is going to smash his way through the bracket, or it has tremendous parity and any one of 5 or 6 guys could win it.  In this case it's 1 dominant wrestler that will smash his way through the tournament.  Look for Jase Davis of Rockmart to bonus his way through the entire tournament.

Best 1st round match: #8 Hope (Murray Co) vs #2 Cheeks (Vidalia)

Best Quarterfinal match: #4 Spradling (Walker) vs #5 Long (Fannin Co)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Jase Davis, Rockmart
2nd- Brock Nobles, Toombs Co
3rd- Stephen Cheeks, Vidalia
4th- Anthony Spradling, Waker School
5th- Josh Petty, Fellowship Christian
5th- JoJo Shuman, Callaway

Final 2A Team Standings

1. Rockmart
2. Fannin Co
3. Toombs Co
4. Union Co
5. Banks Co
6. Vidalia
7. East Jackson
8. Model
9. Cook Co
10. Brantley Co
11. Haralson Co
12. ELCA
13. Pierce Co
14. Jordan
15. Northeast, Macon