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7A State Tournament Preview and Predictions

By Georgia Grappler, 02/17/23, 4:45AM AKST


Individual State Champions will be Crowned!!!!!


It's time for the Traditional State Tournament, but before we get to that, just a few stats on how our Rankings stacked up to Sectional results.

147 of the 168 State Qualifiers were ranked in our final top 15 Rankings.

11 of the 14 top ranked wrestlers won their Sectional Tournament

Team Race: This is a 3 team race with Buford, Camden, and Mill Creek all having a chance to win the title.  Camden heads into the tournament with a slight lead over Buford, and Mill Creek has some significant ground to make up.

The 7A State Tournament will begin at Noon on Friday (2/17) and the Finals will be held Saturday (2/17) morning at around 11:00am

Good Luck to all the Wrestlers and Coaches this week as you chase your dreams and goals!!!  If we don't predict you where you want to be, then go out there and prove us wrong.

Lightweights 106-132

Patterson of Camden and Clarke of Buford are the top 2 ranked wrestlers in the weight and they both walked away with Sectional Titles last week.  Patterson will need to get past Mills of Mill Creek in the semis in order to set up this State Duals rematch in the Finals.

Team Race: There are several weights where the three teams in the hunt for the State Title are predicted to finish 1,2,3 and this is one of them.  Mill Creek has ground to make up, and this is one of the places where they can do so.  An upset of Patterson in the semis would be huge for Mill Creek as it would add to their projected total, and take away from Camden's expected points.

Best 1st round match: #5 Hennebaul (Archer) vs #8 Dhanabalan (Lambert)

Best Quarterfinal match: #6 Chan (Brookwood) vs #3 Mills (Mill Creek)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Bradley Patterson, Camden Co
2nd- DJ Clarke, Buford
3rd- Teequavius Mills, Mill Creek
4th- Nicolas Owens, North Gwinnett
5th- Max Hennebaul, Archer
5th- Jacob Chan, Brookwood


Top ranked Antonio Mills of Mill Creek has knocked of Ibold of Buford in the Finals each of the last two weeks.  Higgins of Camden won the other section, an he will see Ibold in the semis, with the winner moving on to meet Mills in the finals.

Team Race: The top 3 spots on the podium, should once again be taken up by the top 3 teams. Mill Creek is expected to win this weight, so the only way they can make up ground is if Buford or Camden fail to finish inside the top 3.  Ibold vs Higgins will be a huge head to head semifinal between Camden and Buford.

Best 1st round match: Lane (Valdosta) vs #5 Afalla (North Cobb)

Best Quarterfinal match: #6 Cash (Richmond Hill) vs #5 Afalla (North Cobb)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Antonio MIlls, Mill Creek
2nd- Rylan Ibold, Buford
3rd- Brandon Higgins, Camden Co
4th- Zach Afalla, North Cobb
5th- Hunter Cash, Richmond Hill
5th- Gilbert Balbuena, Brookwood


Top ranked Walker of West Forsyth lost in the semis at sectionals, and the dropped down to 4th.  Walker will now see 2nd ranked Prosen of Camden in the quarters.  Jett of Brookwood, Dragon of Richmond Hill and McCullough of Lowndes will battle it out on the bottom half to see who makes the finals.

Team Race: Camden is "expected" to pick up big points at this weight, and the other two are not expected to score much.  Mill Creek and Buford need for Camden to stumble here if they want to be able to close the gap, and Buford needs for Gentry to score placement points at this weight.

Best 1st round match: #8 Saunders (Carrollton) vs #9 Gibson (North Paulding)

Best Quarterfinal match: #2 Prosen (Camden Co) vs #1 Walker (West Forsyth)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Hunter Prosen, Camden Co
2nd- Colin Dragon, Richmond Hill
3rd- Reed Walker, West Forsyth
4th- Hunter McCullough, Lowndes
5th- Ty Gentry, Buford
5th- Kenneth Jett, Brookwood


McArthur of Buford and Stiffler of Mill Creek are the top 2 ranked guys in this weight.  Stiffler won in the finals of sectionals in overtime, and they are on opposite sides of the bracket.  If McArthur can get past Weaver of Camden in the semis, then they will have their rematch in the State Finals.

Team Race: Once again the top 3 teams should finish in the top 3 spots in this weight.  Neither Buford nor Mill Creek can afford for Camden to reach the finals here, and they really need for Weaver to slip below 3rd if they want to close the gap.

Best 1st round match: #6 Ross (Dacula) vs #10 Hammock (Norcross

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 McCullough (Lowndes) vs #7 Gibson (Hillgrove)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Maddox McArthur, Buford
2nd- Blue Stiffler, Mill Creek
3rd- Brock Weaver, Camden Co
4th- Ethan McCullough, Lowndes
5th- Kade Brown, North Paulding
5th- Ethan Ross, Dacula


2x State Champion Amantee Mills and defending State Champion Noah Danforth are both in position to meet up in the State Finals on Saturday.  Danforth should see Buford in the semis, and Mills should see Camden, both of the top ranked guys should move on to the finals.

Team Race: A Camden upset over Mill Creek in the semifinals would be a dagger to Mill Creek's chances at winning the State Title.  Buford needs McCormack to advance to the consolation finals, but he will have a tough conso semis match.

Best 1st round match: #4 Mullins (North Paulding) vs #8 Cox (Parkview)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Santos (Camden Co) vs #4 Mullins (North Paulding)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Amantee Mills, Mill Creek
2nd- Noah Danforth, West Forsyth
3rd- Anthony Santos, Camden Co
4th- Collin Mullins, North Paulding
5th- Kieron McCormack, Buford
5th- Tyson McCullough, Lowndes

Middleweights 138-165

Top ranked Drew Gorman of Buford has been in control of this weight class all season. He knocked off 2nd ranked Stephens of Carrolton in the semis last week 13-8, and he pinned 3rd ranked Glasgow of Parkview in the Finals.  Gorman will see either Glasgow in the finals on Saturday or sectional Champ Weaver of North Gwinnett.

Team Race: Buford needs the big points that they are expecting at this weight class, and both Buford and Mill Creek need Camden to be limited in points at this weight.  Rozier of Camden has a tough draw, but if he somehow makes it to the podium, the Wildcats will be in great shape wo win another title.

Best 1st round match: #7 Garcia (Collins Hill) vs #13 Lee (Valdosta)

Best Quarterfinal match: #4 Wilson (Peachtree Ridge) vs #5 Joshua Wayland (Denmark)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Drew Gorman, Buford
2nd- Antoine Glasgow, Parkview
3rd- Tyson Wilson, Peachtree Ridge
4th- Joshua Wayland, Denmark
5th- Christopher Garcia, Collins Hill
5th- Logan Weaver, North Gwinnett


Denson of North Paulding and Pope of Buford have been ranked 1 and 2 all season long.  Denson has won a couple of times over Pope during the season, and they should meet up once again this week in the State Finals.  Their rematch is not a lock as Denson will probably get Bitterman of Mill Creek in the semis, and Pope will see Daniels of Camden.

Team Race: All 3 contending teams should place wrestlers in the top 4 of this weight.  It will be a huge blow to Mill Creek if Bitterman were to stumble down to 5th or worse.  On the flip side, if he can make it to the finals with an upset win over Denson, it would be huge for their slim chances to win the team title.

Best 1st round match: #8 Hilmer (Brookwood) vs #9 Meersman (South Forsyth)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Daniels (Camden) vs #6 Kelly (Lambert)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Josh Denson, North Paulding
2nd- Gavin Pope, Buford
3rd- Gavin Daniels, Camden Co
4th- Banks Bitterman, Mill Creek
5th- Alexander Kelly, Lambert
5th- Michael Bledsoe, Colquitt Co


Emil Necula of Walton has been #1 all season long and he comes into the tournament with an undefeated 33-0 record.  He scored bonus point wins in each match at sectionals, and he could do the same this week at the State Tournament.  

Team Race: Banister of Camden was upset in the semis of sectionals and that puts him on the same side of the bracket with Necula.  Buford benefits greatly from this as McCullough has a great draw to the finals. Mill Creek doesn't have an entry at this weight class.

Best 1st round match: #2 McCullough (Buford) vs #9 Ewing (West Forsyth)

Best Quarterfinal match: #6 Sciro (Lambert) vs #3 Banister (Camden)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Emil Necula, Walton
2nd- JT McCullough, Buford
3rd- Ryan Banister, Camden Co
4th- Malachi Sanders, Marietta
5th- Max Sciro, Lambert
5th- Russell Flowers, Colquitt Co


Top ranked Konlin Weaver's loss in the section finals last week has put the 1,2, and 3 ranked guys all on the bottom half of the bracket.  Weaver will see Lobdell of Lambert in the quarters and then a huge match with Mills of Mill Creek in the semis.  Rheame of Walton and Daltro of West Forsyth will battle it out on the top half of the bracket.

Team Race: Mill Creek really needed Mills to advance to the finals, and that is much more difficult now with Weaver on his side of the bracket.  That semifinal matchup between those two could be huge in the team race.  Buford has Prehar at this weight, and he took 2nd at sectionals behind Mills, the Wolves need him to reach the podium to pick up some "unexpected" placement points if they want to close the gap with Camden.

Best 1st round match: #4 Rheaume (Walton) vs #8 Whittaker (Richmond Hill)

Best Quarterfinal match: #1 Weaver (Camden) vs #2 Lobdell (Lambert)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Konlin Weaver, Camden Co
2nd- Jake Rheaume, Walton
3rd- Dylan Lobdell, Lambert
4th- Jaheim Mills, Mill Creek
5th- Cade Daltro, West Forsyth
5th- Landon Hicks, North Paulding


Top ranked Dominic Bambinelli will roll through this weight class with bonus point wins in every match.  He will likely see fellow Region 8 foe Grayson Santee in the finals again this week, just like he has each of the past two weeks.

Team Race: Mill Creek is expecting and will get max points at this weight.  Santee can not stumble before the finals if Buford wants to remain in the hunt for the Title.  Camden will need Fletcher to reach the conso finals in order to maximize their points, but this is a weight where both Buford and Mill Creek can pick up some ground.

Best 1st round match: #8 Menzie (Richmond Hill) vs #9 Sumo (Archer)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Hauser (East Coweta) vs #2 Santee (Buford)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Dominic Bambinelli, Mill Creek
2nd- Grayson Santee, Buford
3rd- Zaelyn Fletcher, Camden Co
4th- Graham Luca, North Paulding
5th- Kian Hauser, East Coweta
5th- Elijah Castillo, Lambert

Upperweights 175-285

This is the most anticipated finals match in all of 7A as we will finally get to see Wilder vs McCloskey.  They are ranked 1 and 2 and they both rolled through their sectional.  It could even be a match that has the team title on the line, it doesn't get much better than that.

Team Race: Obviously with a head to head finals match between the top two teams, this weight class could have huge implications in the team race.  Mill Creek needs Boratyn to advance to the conso finals in order to make up ground with Buford and Camden.

Best 1st round match: #7 Boratyn (Mill Creek) vs #9 Marsden (Denmark)

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 Sherwood (North Gwinnett) vs #3 Jones (Harrison)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Ryder Wilder, Camden Co
2nd- Conor McCloskey, Buford
3rd- Landon Jones, Harrison
4th- Ronan Sherwood, North Gwinnett
5th- John Boratyn, Mill Creek
5th- Matthew Rogers, West Forsyth


It hasn't happened much in 7A, but here we have the top 2 ranked guys in opposite sectionals set to meet in the State Finals to settle it all.  #1 ranked Riner of Buford rolled through his sectional and he is on the bottom half where he will see Blair of Camden in the semis.  #2 ranked Cooper of Hillgrove pinned his way through sectionals and he will see Wright of Archer in the semis.

Team Race: The Buford vs Camden semifinal match on the bottom half of the bracket is expected to go Buford's way, but if it doesn't Camden will be a virtual lock to win the title.  Mill Creek doesn't have a qualifier at this weight class.  

Best 1st round match: #9 Ford (Harrison) vs #6 Jones (Walton)

Best Quarterfinal match: #5 Heyliger (North Cobb) vs #3 Wright (Archer)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Connor Cooper, Hillgrove
2nd- Aaron Riner, Buford
3rd- Britt Blair, Camden Co
4th- Tracy Wright, Archer
5th- Hudson Jones, Walton
5th- Michael Heyliger, North Cobb


Defending State Champ Zion Rutledge of Hillgrove has been dominant all season long, and he will continue his domination this week.  He beat 2nd ranked Williams of South Forsyth in the sectional finals by pin, and he could see a rematch with him this Saturday.  

Team Race: Buford and Mill Creek are absent from the bracket, and they will need for Camden to falter here.  Camden has a legit shot at a huge upset in the quarters and semis from Edenfield, and if he pulls that off to make the finals, Camden will win the team title.

Best 1st round match: #4 Miller (North Paulding) vs #6 Gober (Brookwood)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Edenfield (Camden) vs #7 Stevenson (Wheeler)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Zion Rutledge, Hillgrove
2nd- Cole Williams, South Forsyth
3rd- Julian Stevenson, Wheeler
4th- Dustin Edenfield, Camden Co
5th- Ethan Jones, North Cobb
5th- Cali Gober, Brookwood


Top ranked Jacob Levy of Carrollton is one of the most fun heavyweights to watch that I have ever seen.  He knocked off 2nd ranked Sam Rwibuka of Archer 10-3 in the semis last week, and will probably see him again in the State Finals this week.

Team Race: Buford doesn't have an entry here and both Camden and Mill Creek will be battling just to reach the podium.  Don't expect big points from any of the teams contending for the team title at this weight.

Best 1st round match: #2 Rwibuka (Archer) vs #7 Laskey (Lowndes)

Best Quarterfinal match: #3 Sacchetti (Forsyth Central) vs #4 McKnight (Norcross)

Final Predictions:
State Champion- Jacob Levy, Carrollton
2nd- Sam Rwibuka, Archer
3rd- Luke Sacchetti, Forsyth Central
4th- ShaKwan McKnight, Norcross
5th- Jesse Batten, Camden Co
5th- JaQuavian Daniels, Colquitt Co

Final 7A Team Standings

1. Camden Co
2. Buford
3. Mill Creek
4. North Paulding
5. West Forsyth
6. Walton
7. Lambert
8. Hillgrove
9. Archer
10. Lowndes
11. Brookwood
12. Richmond Hill
13. Carrollton
14. North Cobb
15. North Gwinnett