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2023 Team Georgia Youth State Tournament Wrestlers to Watch

By Georgia Grappler, 03/03/23, 11:15AM AKST


Good Luck to the Future of the State this Weekend!

These have been compiled through resources gathered throughout the season and are just going to be 5lb increments due to the large amount of weight classes at the youth level.  The brackets this weekend will not be split in this manner for the most part.  We are well aware that we are missing tons of kids, weights possibly wrong, etc. 


Remember that these are the days to let the kids and yourself enjoy the sport at the highest level. Trust me, the stress and seriousness will definitely intensify in the years to come!


Remember you are more than welcome to send criticisms, improper weights, suggested wrestlers with facts to  


Ronan An 170lbs
Colton Pope 160lbs
Brexton Bell 160lbs
Callum McCormack 150lbs
Mihai Necula 140lbs
Paxon Legatt 135lbs
Joshua Baughcum 130lbs
Steven Gardner 125lbs
Stanley Jacoby 125lbs
James Sievers 120lbs
Cole Henson 120lbs
Chris Phillips 115lbs
Noah Pieterick 110lbs
Walker Share 110lbs
Mason Kutylowski 105lbs
Samson Dobbs 105lbs
Cohen Hargrove 100lbs
Tanner Hunt 100lbs
Ty Valenzuela 95lbs
Christopher Metz 95lbs
Cooper McArthur 90lbs
Bryson Drennon 90lbs
Cody Clarke 85lbs
Gable Hargrove 85lbs
Ariah Mills 80lbs
Hayes Kenny 80lbs
Derek Kiefer 75lbs


Walker Woodward 110lbs
Kameron Dotson 95lbs
Xavier Mance 95lbs
Evan Owens 95lbs
Ashton Glasgow 90lbs
Hudon McFate 90lbs
Will Hughes 85lbs
Beau Abbott 80lbs
Isaac Jung 75lbs
Tavis Hawthorne 75lbs
Elijah Merritt 70lbs


Silas Stanley 80lbs
Slater King 75lbs
Bryce Smith 70lbs
Asher Asad 65lbs
Aviyahn Mills 65lbs
Gideon Batchelor 65lbs
Cooper Fielder 60lbs
Mason Lee 60lbs
Levi Kaufman 55lbs
Landon Walker 50lbs


Jaxon Hughes 75lbs
Liam Owens 75lbs
Carson Powers 60lbs
Robert Gibbs 60lbs
Talmadge Dawkins 55lbs
Hudson Fielder 50lbs


Asar Freeland 65lbs
Ryder Gatt 35lbs